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Happy Birthday Lorraine!

Today, it should be January 9 and a Wednesday in the Philippines. I realize in the western hemisphere it still is January 8. Hillary Clinton wins in New Hampshire. What the heck? That is not even significant to me. Nothing more than my first born's birthday.

Lorraine, my eldest child and only daughter is at the crossroads of here young adult life. I think like all women of her age, the specter of losing the 'youth' part of her persona is kindda bothering her:-). I have been telling her not to worry because she really doesn't look like her real age. Believe you me, she looks more like 24. Really!

I think more than anything, it's the concern about the 'child bearing age' thing. Again not to worry. Science is kinder now to women who takes care first of their career and worry about marriage or family life later.

My daughter, up on her own terms and initiative did so much to improve herself. First, she took to school again after finishing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. She initially dreamt of being a doctor. But fate decided she'd do more and well teachng little children. And so she prepared for this by taking undergraduate units again for a teaching career.

Thereafter, she took masteral studies to complement the education units. And because she felt an international exposure would bring more flavor to her chosen avocation, she went to Jakarta.

My daughter is a 'do it' person. Among my children, she is the most adventurous, geared towards new learning and pioneering ideas; she is most willing to take 'calculated risks', as long as it helps her chosen path bear better. Lorraine is practical and pragmatic. She can easily bounce back from temporary setbacks.

And I have nothing but pure admiration for her. I salute her for her determination.

Recently, aside from her teaching career, she's gone into new fields of endeavor. And from what I have seen so far, I know she will be rewarded -- for her tenacity, adaptability and ability to view the future with optimism because she knows it is built on a stable foundation based on time-tested friendships, ripened by trust, and seasoned with respect and loyalty.

By the middle of this year, she says, she will relocate to Singapore. And that's to add another dimension to her teaching career.

I say, SAIL ON my daughter. Go where your heart and mind leads you. I shall be here to support and love you always.


By the way, have you ever wondered how to say Happy Birthday in different languages?

Check this out.

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