Thank You 2007

I have a lot to be thankful for the year 2007.

1. My Mom's life. She remains my strength. And I believe mine is hers.
2. My children. What can I say? Just that I love them no matter what. God Bless them always.
3. The rest of my family - steadfast in their belief that our connected lives can still be better.
4. Friends who constantly keep in touch. And the rest, the memories suffice to tide me over.
5. New acquaintances. They remind me that there's a life to be lived out in the world.
6. The many undeserved pockets of grace from God - the anchor of my life.
7. My life. That I still live to continuously search for meaning and purpose.
8. People who still care, care and care :-) Thank you very much.
9. Lives I have somehow touched. Need to lift your spirit, hear your woes, shoulder to cry on, rally behind you? Just send me a message.
10.My business associates for the support.
11. My city of residence for efficient garbage collection, clean streets, superb peace and order condition, clean markets, etc.
12. The Philippines, my country of birth and surely, where I will finally be laid to rest. (Despite the chaos, never ending political bickerings, economic difficulties, inefficient government service, I love the Philippines).

Goodbye year of the boar.

And for 2008 Peace and Harmony to all.