Celebrating Snippets of Love 003

"Love is not the fire and passion of spontaneous moments but the little things that transpire and bind the lives of two individuals everyday. We have successfully accomplished these and it has transformed us and our love in a way that is seamless that it is hardly noticeable."

"I am just surprised at times when you can't believe what I say and seem bewildered by the transformation. You don't even recognize the change your love has done to its object of affection."

"I was a creation of some wild self-gratifying and inward-centered personality with some tinge of unselfishness and a dash of human concern for others. Yet I have changed and you can't determine that you are the cause and the only reason for the change."

"I want to grow old gracefully with you. The change in me- total and complete - has been made possible by the unrelenting love you have given."