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Ibanag Getting Ready for Christmas

We started decorating the house for Christmas. This has been a tradition. Before December 1 evry year, we have to be set up for the holidays. OC's, yes that's what we are. Actually, this year we were late in fixing the house. In previous years, we were all set up 1st week of November. Thaaat early, believe it :-)

There's something about Christmas here in the Philippines that turns people to be extra enthusiastic, vibrant, excited if you will. And we're known to celebrate the season the longest. From December 1 to January 6 ( Feast of Three Kings).

And so our Christmas house lights are on. The 'old but still looks new' x'mas socks are hanging by the terrarium. The yuletide wreaths adorn the walls, the windows, the stairway; the seasonal baskets are here in the dining area where I do my blogging every night. And YES! the garden lights are also in place. And what will Christmas be for our family without the Christmas tree. BTW, Santa is also all over the place. And not to forget our antique 'Belen' or Holy Manger. Baby Jesus together with Mama Mary, Papa Joseph and the rest of the gang are happy to be out of their boxes.

The entire decor retinue seems to be saying in "It is time to celebrate the birth of Jesus!".

Well that's for us Christians.

Yes another season of HOPE.

Cheers everyone!

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