Feng Shuing the Ibanag home

Even before my illness there were certain things I practiced about my home - sort of my own brand of fung shui to make it more livable. Here they are:

1. I like lots of plants inside and outside the house. I have always believe that plants absorbed the bad vibrations around the house.
2. Sunlight is my friend. I use it lavishly whenever and wherever I could.
3. My home is full of wooden chimes hanging by the doorways and on the windows. A slight breeze gives out a whispering sound that somehow evoke harmony and serenity.
4. With today's hustle and bustle style of living, I use scented candles to provide that aroma therapied ambience, bringing a sense of well-being to the house and to the children.
5. My mini- fountain found in our living room supplies that kind of energy that is both gentle and comforting. The sound of the flowing water lulls me to sleep sometimes.

But one thing I worry about these days are the electro-magnetic pollution resulting from operating too many technology gadgets like cellphones, TV and cable as well as wi-fied computer set-ups. I am still studying the things I need to do to counter the effects of these 'elements' in my home.