Ibanag's Vacation places' Wish List :-)

The last time my family and I went on a vacation was in 1995. That was more than 10 years ago. We were invited by relatives who owned a beach house in Batangas. The place was gorgeous and a few minutes a way by pump boat is Sombrero Island.

My children were quite young then. It was a trip that I thoroughly enjoyed and so did my children. I could say they had a great time because we brought along some of their friends. We stayed in a resthouse which was a few meters away from the beach. It was a cold summer night. We had barbecue and bonfires if you know what I mean. Our first night, I was totally awake. I could here the waves' murmuring sounds of jubilation. (as if)

I wish we could ALL be together again just one last time? Perhaps this coming April? But I doubt it. My children are all adults now. They have their own lives to live. But if we were to get together again there are a few places I dream of visiting... if only.