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Fiction Writers For Sale

I am planning to hold a garage sale next month. Some of my books would have to go. It hurts but these pocketbooks are on their way to their new owners. Hopefully, they would give them pleasure as much as they have me.

Frederick Forsyth
The Negotiator
The Fist of God
The Day of the Jackal
The Devils Alternative
The Odessa File
The Dogs of War

James Michener
The Bridges at Toko-Ri

Alexander Solzhenitsyn- August 1914
Robert Massie- Nicholas and Alexandra
Paul Erdman - Crash of 79
Coleen Mc Cullough - The Thorn Birds

John le Carre
Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy
The Honorable School Boy
The Russia House

Robert Ludlum The Rhineman Exchange
The Bourne Ultimatum

Jonathan Ryder - Trevayne
Arthur Hailey - Airport
Ira Levin - Boys From Brazil
James Clavell - King Rat

Gerald Green - Holocaust
Howard Fast - The Immigrants
Iris Rainer Dart - Till The Real Things Come Along
Walter Windward - Seven Minutes Past Midnight
Clive Cussler - Raise The Titanic
Larry McMurty - The Evening Star
Charles Templeton - Act of God
Owen Sela - An Exchange of Eagles
Harold Robbins - The Pirate
Thomas Gifford - The Glendower Legacy
William Peter Blatty - The Exorcist
Irwin Shaw - Bread Upon Waters
William Goldman - The Marathon Man
John Updike - Couples
Paul Erdman - The Last Days of America
Thomas Wiseman - A Game of Secrets
Thomas Thompson - Blood and Money
Irving Wallace - The Pigeon Project
Irwin Shaw - Evening in Byzantium
Susan Isaacs - Almost Paradise
Leonard Sanders - The Hamlet Warning
Sidney Sheldon - The Naked Face

Og Mandino - The Choice

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