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Lorraine My Daughter

Last Saturday , my daughter left for Jakarta, Indonesia to teach pre-school children in an international school there. She has a year's contract. Bakit parang kung iisipin ko ang tagal yata. "Mommy", she told me, "I will see you December. Mabilis lang ang araw. And I won't forget your birthday is November 22 not 21".

How time flies. My daughter will be 30 in January.

She hinted that she wants to get married as soon as the boyfriend asks her.

I could not understand what I felt last Saturday. At first wala lang.

Lorraine is an independent girl. Way back when she was still in her elementary grades, she did things without much help from me. She is an intelligent girl. High school meant more independence. And yes, college. She was even into this religious thing. Obviously, she wanted to be left alone. And I did let her be. I knew she was and remains to this day a responsible and a mature person. There was no fear at all for me, allowing her to run her life almost without restriction.

Today, I am so thankful to the Lord for the gift of a daughter.

The truth is God has so Blessed me with 4 wonderful children of which Lorraine is the eldest and the only girl.

Malakas and ulan. Bumabagyo pala noong Sabado. At walang din tigil ang pagpatak ng luha sa mata ko. Buong maghapon. Tumigil lang when she texted me to say she's in Jakarta already on the way to her housing facility.

I love you very much anak. My prayers will be with you every minute of the day.

Take good care.

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