Success vs Happy

"It is easier to succeed than to be happy. There are short cuts to success. None to happiness. The main ingredient of success - money is easier to get - marry it, fake it, win it, inherit it, grab it or beg for it than the main ingredient of happiness which is self-respect.

Self-respect can only be earned, never inherited, married, faked, grabbed, or solicited. It is easy to be rich. It is so hard to know oneself and be a real person. It takes book knowledge to succeed. It takes self-knowledge to be happy.

Be truly happy first, then. Know yourself, then you can play and learn all day long. Then, if you care about them, those pillars of success -- fame and fortune will follow at your happy, busy heels like excited puppies about to take a walk with their beloved master.

For happy people are always successful, and not the other way around."