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Have a good posture, my mom always reminded me

There are some people who really ARE good at posturing.

Just a thought -- wouldn't the world be a much better place to live in if there were less of these types?

But then again, we also need clowns to serve us our daily dose of laughter. Right?

Enough said.

My web gifts to Ayat

If I had a lot of money I shall ride a plane.Go to Abu Dhabi.And get together likethe old times.Pero since wala I shall just give my giftswhich I am sending throughthis blog.Sensya na nangangarap lang naman po... Patek Philippe yan. One for each day for 21 days.Heto pa 3G Nokia cellphone.Sana naman na pa smile kita. Hirap lang di ko alam exact date ng birthday mo. Ano kaya yon?

Success vs Happy

"It is easier to succeed than to be happy. There are short cuts to success. None to happiness. The main ingredient of success - money is easier to get - marry it, fake it, win it, inherit it, grab it or beg for it than the main ingredient of happiness which is self-respect.

Self-respect can only be earned, never inherited, married, faked, grabbed, or solicited. It is easy to be rich. It is so hard to know oneself and be a real person. It takes book knowledge to succeed. It takes self-knowledge to be happy.

Be truly happy first, then. Know yourself, then you can play and learn all day long. Then, if you care about them, those pillars of success -- fame and fortune will follow at your happy, busy heels like excited puppies about to take a walk with their beloved master.

For happy people are always successful, and not the other way around."

Birthday Girl Ayat

Hi Ayat,Happy Birthday My Friend !

Lolita That's My Mother

She is now 74 years old. Hypertensive and glaucomic. Well that's the term I use to lighten me up. My mother has glaucoma. It is a progressive and irreversible eye ailment. It seems I could not do anything for her. She is fast losing her sight.

Back then, my mother often irritated me. When I was younger, she would nag and nag and nag. Oh, but these were the useful nags, I must admit. When you are young, parents can really piss you off, right? But that's all changed now.

The realization came when I had my own children. Parents will be parents and children will need to be children. They have to go through life like we all did. They have to experience everything - good or bad, first hand. Life was designed that way.

And when I see my mother now thinking how I could make the remaining years of her life better. I remember the first time my children and I visited her in her new place. She was oh so happy. Typically, she had prepared well. She kept apologizing saying the place is too …

I Miss My Father

My father died in 1995. He wasn't sick. In fact, it was just a cataract operation. Something went wrong with the operation. Some doctors intimated it was overdose of anesthesia.

Emotionally, it was difficult for me. In the past I had some issues with my father but at the time of his death all's settled. We had made up.

What remained was the animosity coming from my mom. She remained rooted in the past.(emotional as well as physical pain dominated their married life) And the after effect of this situation destroyed my balance. I loved my mother. I knew where she was coming from. And this made it even harder for me.

When Papa died, we were financially alright. Being the eldest, I took care of everything. My father had also left some money. We buried him at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani literally translated -- Burial For Heroes. (He was a WWII veteran)

God Is Good Always!

Now, I remember my father with longing. Despite his "shortcomings", I realize I loved him. Though he wasn…

The Virgin of Antipolo Today

The last time I visited the Virgen of Antipolo was ages ago. Back when I was sooooooo much younger. It was a trip made around this same time of the year to celebrate summer. Back then, weather patterns were more predictable. Summer is summer, not a drop of rain.

Riding on a public conveyance to Antipolo gave us a good look at the scenery. Felt like taking a short trip to the province. Lots of trees and plants along the way. If only the radio didn't so much produce those head cracking music. And I thought that there was a law banning loud music blaring on passenger jeeps.

I knew we had arrived. The roads had suddenly turned dense with tricycles, jeeps, and vendors by the wayside. We alighted and I asked my friend if she knew the way. She acknowledges that it was a mere walking distance. We'll just have to feel our way. And so we walked turning to the left here, and turning to the right there. And here we are.

Obviously, we looked like people who hadn't been there for a while.…