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Our House

It was almost 4 years ago when we moved to this new place. It's a nice house, quite imposing if I may say so. Almost the opposite of where we were then. I have never lived in a house as nice as this one. Large rooms, nice bathrooms, a terrarium ( a place where we house some of our indoor plants), a petite but nicely coiffeurred front garden as well as a back garden where I grow my herbs and a couple of flower plants.

I have one problem though. Maintenance is tough. I usually allot one full day just to do some basic cleaning like sweeping and scrubbing the floors. What I use for scrubbing are old and throwable towels. They clean better than non-towel type of cloth.

Although I realize that we might not be able to stay here for a long time, I treasure every moment of it. I will most surely miss decorating the house during Christmas when G and I spruce the house with lights and loads of colorful trimmings on the windows and the front door. The decors, I created myself while the rest bought from department stores.

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