Hot Summer

It's summer this part of the world. This means temperature can rise up to 36 degrees. We are a tropical country and perhaps that's one of the reasons why lots of foreigners come to our beaches this time of the year.

I read somewhere that Boracay was inhabited by no less than 80,000 people during the Holy Week. And I've been there only through pictures and stories care of my children. They say and I believe that sand is as fine as sugar? But Bali too has the same quality of sand. I know I have been there. Too bad, Bali isn't as attractive as before. Remember the terrorist bombings. Pity!

These days you need to say you've been to Boracay to be cool. Otherwise, how can one explain why you haven't been there..there's not enough dough. Gosh, I haven't even been to Puerto Galera, the poor man's Boracay so my son says.